How to create therapeutic cards – a training session for a new creator

February 26, 2019

The Nord Institute – the house of the cards – your home!!!

How to create therapeutic cards

Guidance and guidance for the creators of a new kit

Cards are not just child's play, they can tell our personal story and become a sight to behold. The peculiarity of the association cards is in the personal interpretation that each of us can give them, and in the simplicity of working with them. There are projective cards that are drawn in the colors of an artist's hand and include a sentence/message or one word intended to focus the mind. Also, there are cards with a drawing only that are intended for the expansion of consciousness. The separation of words from the card creates an infinite number of possible combinations and opens the experimenters to new interpretations and worlds. Each deck is fundamentally different from the previous one and brings a magical and colorful universal world of characters, messages, stories and games. (From the Nord Institute Love therapeutic cards? Are you familiar with the large selection and have not yet connected to a single kit? Do you have your own ideas and want to bring them to fruition? Want to create your own great set of cards? Come for a fascinating two-hour meeting at the Nord Institute in Kiryat Tivon  Come and receive guidance in the only place that knows the therapeutic cards from the moment they are released into the world until experiential and professional use in the fields of therapy. We will be happy to share with you our many years of experience in creating therapeutic cards: import and marketing, preparation and distribution, use and integration in the leading therapeutic fields in Israel among the topics of the meeting: Photo: Photo / Painting? Is there also a need for a word/sentence/message? Two-sided use? The card itself: the amount of cards, recommended thickness and appropriate size in accordance with the needs of the intended users. Packaging: guidance and reference to a large selection of options and adjustment to quantities. Operating instructions and guidance: A type of instruction that is suitable for empowerment and/or also treatment and adaptation to the desired population. Printing costs: What to take into account pricing: costs that were, will be, will be, covering expenses and profit down the road… Marketing ideas: Finding the right way to combine the cards in the therapeutic field. Google, Facebook Nord Institute Come for a fascinating two-hour meeting at the Nord Institute in Kiryat Tivon. For more information call 04-9931519 or 053-4579096     

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