NORD Institute is the first and most renowned Israeli center for therapeutic cards and workshops since 1985.

Here you can meet our workshop leader Dr. Ofra Ayalon, psychologist, family and trauma therapist, and an international expert for guiding frontal and ZOOM workshops with metaphorical cards, who created and developed the most original and helpful sets of cards and activities.

Research has proven that our brain receives vast information through the senses much more than we are aware of, as most of it is stored in the unconscious.

Working with the metaphoric cards as triggers enables us to reach accurate and effective answers to the questions that concern us from the unconscious and make it conscious!

In the facilitation processes with the cards, you will be able to discover the magic and wonderful techniques and options for any topic you want to successfully convey.

Join us in our new website and together we will experience therapeutic cards work in many areas of treatment and training. Call us for more information about Zoom workshops around the world.

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מכון נורד מראה מעל הגשר


מראה מעל הגשר  - חדש בלעדי

Once upon a Bridge cards



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Protecting & healing children traumatized by terror Ofra Ayalon Those of us who carry the banner of mental health most often are called on the scene after the damage has been done, to try our best to patch up broken lives and shattered dreams. My claim is that we as...


‏BIBLIOTHERAPY IN BEREAVEMENT – THE USE OF STORY AND METAPHOR             Ofra Ayalon Haifa University  1997 Denial of death   in contemporary society There is a amazing paradox in contemporary attitudes toward death. On the one hand we witness a growing fascination towards death related activities and images. One  example of...
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