A selection of workshops combined with KSM cards at the Nord Institute

July 30, 2018

A selection of workshops combined with therapeutic KSM cards

Moderated by Dr. Ofra Ayalon

Teachers, counselors, social workers, facilitators, therapists and trainers – upon completion of the workshop you can immediately apply the material learned in your professional
work experiential KSM workshops: experiential learning and applied guidance, workshops for acquaintance, continuing education and expanding the experience of therapeutic and educational work with the cards.

In the workshops we learn how to use the KSM cards in individual, group and family work, for therapy, communication, education, play and creativity, projective processes through the metaphor, for the development of emotional intelligence through the activation of intuition, imagination and inspiration, insight and personal empowerment The

personal and professional encounter with the cards of images, metaphors and associations in the KSM workshops:

• Develops imagination and creativity • Enhances the verbal expression of emotions and thoughts • Creates flexible thought patterns to deal with uncertainty.

Nord Institute workshops – working in small groups:
This method provides an opportunity for each participant to deepen their personal experience and professional learning. Birthdays, social gatherings – everything is suitable.
We will be happy to offer you in the morning or afternoon a charming and experiential workshop for social consolidation and female empowerment … Please call Ronit, 04-9931519

Workshop specifications

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The pain of a child

Innovative ways of integrating the therapeutic cards into the work of the educational counselor in stressful situations in school

  • The integration of the exceptional and the different in the classroom and in society
  • "Transparent" children
  • Bullying and violence in school and online
  • Awareness of distress
  • Providing answers for coping with stressful situations in the classroom and during recess
  • Identifying the student's strengths
  • Social exclusion and social difficulties
  • Youth at Risk
  • Suicidality
  • Social problems in teenagers in general and teenage girls in particular
  • Giving strength and gaining strength for empowerment

Number of sessions: 1,Additional Information
Hours: 10.00-14.00
Cost: Please inquire by phone


Advise a consultant

The counselor as a pillar of the school

  • Identifying the consultant's strengths
  • Coping with burnout
  • Providing solutions to situations with the help of metaphorical cards
  • Work with educational teams
  • Work with parents
  • Family reference
  • Multi-age relationships
  • Combining therapeutic cards: "Who am I?", "Who am I really?", "Mirror over the bridge" and more.

Number of Sessions: 1
hours: 10:00 – 14:00
Cost: Please inquire by phone

Minsk 1

What you see across the bridge

Introducing and deepening the experience of combining metaphorical cards in therapy.
Small group led by Dr. Ofra Ayalon

  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Bridging between what is common and what is desirable
  • Move around in new spaces
  • …..
Wednesday morning 8.7.19
10:00-14:00 cost 300


Resilience workshops for students and school staff in 2018/19

 Accepting and increasing security resilience and coping with stressful situations stemming from the stressful reality in which we live and the horror of war that continues to hover and cast a shadow over our lives.

Number of sessions: 1 or more.
For information from the workshop syllabus clickhere
Estimated hours: 10.00-14.00
Cost: Depending on the special quote for you.


Trauma and loss combined with cards

Healing trauma and coping with loss

  • The integration of the cards in the healing narrative process, following personal and group trauma
  • Deepening body/mind connections
  • Channeling fear, anger and aggression, shame and guilt

Dates: 16.7.19, 23.7.19, 30.7.19

Number of Sessions: 3

Cost 1000NIS

Discount voucher for the purchase of cards in the amount of 100 NIS for early risers to register until 4.8.19


Denmark 1

Femininity and couplehood in the circles of life

Experiential workshop of female self-realization

  • Looking for change and balance in life?
  • We will stop and look at ourselves, recognize our contemporary place
  • Outlining a new path through growth and fulfillment

Number of sessions: 2
hours: 10.00-14.00 Cost: 700 NIS.

Discount voucher for the purchase of cards on the day of the workshop in the amount of 100 NIS for early risers to register until 8.8.19



Laura – creating magic that leads to change and change in life

The intensity of softness: a holistic combined therapy (physical – mental – spiritual) for inner renewal and a change in self-concept, releasing physical blockage and healing emotional blockage through rhythmic movement of the body and resumption of flow. (Holistic Pulsing)

  • The technique: gently shaking the body and identifying rhythms familiar to the body that restore its natural healing ability.
  • How does it work? Shaking creates a process of cleansing, rejuvenation and awakening. The intensity of softness emphasizes personal growth and the process of personal development.
  • The therapist: Tova Lichtenstein is a senior and experienced therapist.

Number of sessions: 1 or more. At the Nord Institute in Kiryat Tivon. For information click here
Hours: about an hour to an hour and a half in the afternoon Cost:
290 NIS.  


How to create therapeutic cards

Training and guidance session for a new creator.
The Nord Institute – the house of the cards – your home!!!

  • Want to create your own great set of cards? Do you have your own ideas and want to bring them to fruition? Come to a fascinating meeting and receive guidance in the only place that knows the therapeutic cards from the moment they go out into the world until they are used experientially and professionally in the fields of therapy. We will be happy to share with you our many years of experience in creating therapeutic cards: import and marketing, preparation and distribution, use and integration in the leading fields of treatment in Israel

Number of sessions: 1 or more. Additional Information
Hours: About 2 hours each session
Cost: will be delivered by phone

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