The Nord Institute presents: An experiential card workshop for art therapists 2022

July 6, 2022

At your request, an experiential and unique Zoom workshop led by Dr. Ofra Ayalon – Nord Tivon Institute 2022The workshop provides extensive knowledge for immediate  application andis intended for therapists in general and art therapists in particular. Monday 15.8.22 at 10.00-14.00 at a special cost of only 180 NIS (involves a minimum number of participants) For details and registration / to book a private workshop on Zoom for organized groups please turn in the morning: 04-9931519or 053-4579096 Workshop content: Post Corona? Not at all!  The problem is still in full swing! We lifted our heads a bit but the waves were still windy. Due to the accumulation and increase of personal distress and frustrations due to the difficult period that has passed and is still going through us, we are faced with depression, violence and other behavioral problems in the family, in the classroom and in the interpersonal relationships between the children. In this special workshop suitable for art therapists, we will experience activities that are unique to the field of art, more fascinating and relevant than ever, following the welcome contribution of Dr. Ofra Ayalon in the development and implementation of coping methods in situations of stress and crisisThe use of metaphorical cardshelps theart therapistfrom an early stage of therapy to enhance the verbal expression of emotions and thoughts, to create flexible thought patterns, to cope with uncertainty with trauma, stress and recovery, to dubbing, to develop creativity and imagination. To resolve conflicts and improve communication in family interactions, to the teaching staff and students and to promote therapeutic work. Who is this meeting suitable for? For therapists in general and art therapists in particular: exposure and familiarity with the cards as a tool for supporting adults and adolescents, deepening knowledge with the therapeutic cards as a tool for support and dubbing, enriching the toolbox and obtaining a unique perspective for understanding, dubbing and assisting. What the participants in the Mifgash receive: Basic knowledge for beginners and enrichment for advanced students, suitable for immediate implementation. Many education teams and school counselors, therapists and teachers have already participated in Zoom workshops and are implementing what is taught in the classrooms and in the teachers' room. Relevant card sets will be available at special prices.  

For details and registration, please call in the morning: 04-9931519 or 053-4579096

The Nord Institute – the Israeli center for metaphorical cards, which brought to the world the gospel of therapeutic cards – the KSM cards,

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