July 15, 2018


OH!, COPE, SAGA, MYTHOS, HABITAT, PERSONA, MORENA are some of the decks that form new and excitingly genre of therapeutic cards known world-wide. Artists from different cultures collaborated  with psychologists to create these cards. The cards act as a springboard into inner word of images and creativity and, like dreams, they reflect the hidden language of the soul. The images elicit both personal and mythical associations. They form a very effective tool for new learning about the self and about one’s personal potential, and enhance communication skills. As the cards themselves are free of external interpretations, they create a challenge for the players to find their own unique meanings. The images evoke diverse associations and the interactive process is thus a never-ending one.
The cards are designed to help develop Emotional Intelligence. Therapists use them for facilitating communication and problem solving in couples and families, for debriefing, healing from trauma & developing coping skills. Organizations use the cards for team building & conflict management. Many use the cards for enhancing their creative writing skills

Training workshops provide an enjoyable personal experience and a professional “hands on” opportunity to learn how to use the cards. Workshops are offered on demand.



THERAPEUTIC/METAPHORIC CARDS – A NEW METHOD FOR DEALING WITH CRISIS AND HEALING THE TRAUMA Dr. Ayalon Ofra Nord COPE Center Email: nordcards@gmail.com www.nordcards.com “Family as

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